what is Hungary known for(2021)

what is Hungary known for

what is Hungary known for
The mantra of our topic today is the destination of a Central European country that is not surrounded by the sea but is a landlocked country.

My goal is the land of Hungary.

Which is called Majalistan.

63 interesting facts about Hungary.

Traces of human population in Hungary date back to four thousand years before Christ.

During the first Roman Empire, part of Hungary also came into the Roman Empire.

Which was not made part of any empire after the fall of the Roman Empire.

what is Hungary

The foundation of the first empire in Hungary was laid in 825 AD.
This empire was named the Prairie of Hungary.
This empire was founded on the region where today’s Hungary did Silva, and countries like Romania come.
This empire lasted until 1000 AD.

After 1000 AD, many small states shared with Hungary.

These states also had the first Bulgarian Empire.
Which formed an alliance from 1000 AD to 1301 AD.
The empire that was established during this period was named the Kingdom of Hungary.
Between 1366 and 1520, the Ottoman Empire fought several wars to conquer these lands.
Between 1366 and 1520, the Ottoman Empire fought several wars to conquer these lands.

And the Hungarian Empire was founded in 1541 AD.

This state survived until 1699.
Then many small states were formed and many revolutions came.

Finally, in 1848, a major change took place, forcing Hungary to ally with the then-Austrian power.

From 1867 until the end of World War I, the state was renamed Austria-Hungary.
When Austria-Hungary collapsed in 1918, Hungary first appeared on the world map as an independent state.

One year after the secession, Hungary had to part with the Soviets.

And the new name of this state was given to the Hungarian Soviet Autonomy.
After just one year, the Kingdom of Hungary came into being
After the Penguin Revolution in 1956, the country’s law underwent significant changes.

On October 23, 1989, the Hungarian Empire was founded for the third time.
And the name of this country was changed to Hungary.

On May 1, 2004, Hungary became a member of the European Union.

The total area of ​​Hungary is 9330 square millimeters.
The country ranks 108th in terms of area.

According to the 2018 report, the total population is 9771000 people.

The country ranks 91st in terms of population.

The country ranks 91st in terms of population.

Hungary flag

Budapest is the capital of Hungary.
Apart from being the capital, it is also the largest city in Hungary.
The city has a population of 1759,000
Which makes it the tenth largest city in the European Union in terms of population.

The Hungarian word is derived from Latin.

Joya is taken from the first settlers, namely Pangreen.

Hungarian calling code+36 and domain name is HU if we talk about interesting facts of Hungary

The Hungarian currency is called the Hungarian Front.

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian.
This language is used by over 1.2 billion people worldwide.

It is one of the 24 languages ​​of the European Union and is the 13th most used language in Europe.

99% of Hungary’s population speaks the same language.
16% of Hungary’s population knows how to use English properly
German, English and Hungarian are Hungarian languages.
The Danube and Daisy rivers irrigate many nearby countries, including Hungary
Hungary is surrounded on all sides by Austria, Silva, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia.
Christianity is the largest religion in Hungary
37.2% of Hungary’s population is Catholic
1.9% from Greek Catholics, 11.7% from Christian denominations, 2.2% from Clovis, 1.8% from Lutherans do not believe in anyone.

Interesting facts about Hungary Hungary is the only country where 6400 couples kissed each other in front of the parliament.
Hungary is the 12th most suicidal country in the world.
In Hungary, 22 out of 100,000 people commit suicide each year.

Sri Lanka is the number one country in this regard.

Hungary is home to 80% of Hungary’s population.

3.2% are Romans, 1.3% are Germans and 15.1% are people whose ethnicity has not been clarified.

The number 96 is highly esteemed by the Hungarian people.
Because the first Hungarian Empire was founded in 895 AD.
But they also consider it to be 896 AD.

The first birthday was celebrated in 1896.
There is no building in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, that is more than 96 feet high.
Only the Parliament Building is 96 meters high.

Interestingly, a Hungarian national anthem was read in 96 seconds.
Whenever Hungarians introduce themselves, they write their second half first and the first half later.
McDonald’s was the first fast food brand to open its first branch in Hungary in 1988.

The Hungarian Parliament was built in 1996 on the occasion of Hungary’s birthday.

The building has 691 rooms. The length of this building is 96 meters.

Stairs up to 20 km have been used.

Hungary map

40 kg of pure gold was also used to make this building.
It is the third largest parliament after London and Romania.
Hungarians are among the highest taxpayers in the world.
The people of Hangiri hand over 38.5% of their income to the Hungarian government each year.

Hungary has won 13 Nobel Prizes so far.
Hungary has won 448 gold medals so far.
Hungary is the fourth first country in Europe after the United Kingdom, Germany and France.
In Hungary, parents have to name their children one of the names suggested by the Hungarian government.
If a parent wants to have a separate name, he or she must first get the name approved by the established institution.
Located in Hungary, Lake Blood Town is considered to be the second largest lake in Europe and the largest lake in Central Europe.
Which spreads over 601 square kilometers.

Soccer is Hungary’s most popular sport.

In addition to soccer, boxing, wrestling, chess and other sports are played.

The literacy rate in Hungary is 99%.
The food processing, mining industry, textile industry, chemicals and construction materials are the major Hungarian income generating industries.
An estimated 1.17 billion people traveled to Hungary in 2016.

The Hungarian passport is ranked 9th in the world.

Citizens with this passport can travel to 155 countries without a visa.

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