what is Laos known for

what is Laos known for

what is Laos known for

Friends, in today’s article we will talk about Laos, a country in Southeast Asia.


what is Laos known for map

Laos is bounded on the east by Vietnam, on the west by Thailand, on the north and northwest by Burma and China, and on the south by Cambodia.


Laos history

On July 19, 1949, Laos gained independence from France
On October 22, 1953, France recognized the independence of Laos.
And by liberating Cambodia the following year, France had completely abolished the French Indo-Chinese state.

The Noshing Civil War began in 1953. It was also known as the Vietnam Civil War.

In this war, North Vietnam and Vietnam fought the War of Independence against the Kingdom of Lao and South Vietnam.
In this war, the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand sided with the Kingdom of Laos and South Vietnam.
The Soviet Union and China sided with Viet Lao and North Viet Lao.

Lasted for 22 years i.e. 1975.
The two world powers continue to force each other to kill each other through civil war in opposition to each other.
The war was won by Peth Lao and North Vietnam

On December 2, 1975, C. Sputum was proclaimed king of all of Laos.
The current constitution of Laos was adopted on August 14, 1991.

On July 23, 1997, Laos was added to the Southeast Asian Nations.


If we talk about the area of ​​Laos, its total area is 237955 square kilometers.
Laos is the 82nd largest country in the world by area

98% of Laos is land and 2% is water

That is, there are rivers and streams.


The total population of Laos is estimated at 7 million in 2016
Laos ranks 104th in the world in terms of population

Laos is a landlocked country that has no maritime boundaries.
Vientiane has the honor of being the capital of Laos and the largest city in the country
The total area of ​​Vientiane is spread over 130 square kilometers.

The city of Vientiane has a population of about 800,000

The city of Vientiane was founded in the 9th century on the banks of the Mikan River on the Thai border.
The city was also the capital of Burma in 1553 and Thailand in 1827.

Interesting facts about Laos

If we talk about the interesting facts about Laos, the full name of Laos is Lao Republic

Lao and French are the official languages ​​of Laos
People from other countries speak English

In addition to these three languages, there are 80 languages ​​spoken in this country

Buddhism is the largest religion in Laos
This religion is adopted by 65% ​​of the country’s population

The second largest religion in Laos is Tai

Which is considered by 32% of the country’s population

1.8% Christians are also in Laos

0.9% are Muslims and 1.2% are followers of other religions
54% of the people of this country belong to the Alou tribe if we talk about the ethnic people living in the Lau tribe
11% Kampong 9% Hmong 3.5% Fonte 3.2% Tai 2.5% Makin 2.2% Gudang 2% Luiz while 13.5% belong to other tribes

The currency of Laos is called Lao kip.

Laos curncy

Laos’ currency is considered the weakest currency in the world.

Laos calling code +856


The tourism sector is booming in Laos

The number of tourists visiting the country is estimated at 4.3 million

The tourism sector is considered to be the major source of income for this country.

The government is making further reforms in the tourism sector
So that more and more tourists can be brought to their country
The Mikan River, which originates in the Chinese province of Tibet, runs through the Chinese provinces of Myanmar and Greece, forming the border between Thailand and Laos.

The river then flows through Vietnam and Cambodia into the South China Sea

The Mikan River is the tenth largest river in the world
The length of this river is 4880 km

The area along this river is considered to be the largest rice producing region in the world.


Laos agriculture

75% of Laos’ population is engaged in agriculture
In the field of agriculture, rice is the most cultivated crop in the country

Which is cultivated on almost 80% of the agricultural area in the whole country.

In addition to rice, the other crops grown are coffee and opium
In 1994, it was the largest producer of opium in the world. Today, Laos is still the world’s ten largest producer of opium.
Other crops include cotton, soybeans, peanuts, tobacco, corn, oriental peanuts and other fruits and vegetables.


Laos has an army of 130,000 young men
And they have 25 tanks
Laos has an air force of only 3,700.
And this air force has only 20 fighter jets

Most of Laos’ youth are addicted to opium because of opium production.
The average life expectancy in Laos is 70 years
The government is now taking strict measures to prevent the outbreak.

So that the young generation can be saved from destruction

The literacy rate in Laos is 82%

40% of educated people have left Laos due to lack of jobs

The daily newspapers read in the country are published by the government

There are 9 types of newspapers printed in Laos, including 2 foreign newspapers
Laos has 50 radio stations and 35 TV stations

Laos’ population of about 2 million is connected to the Internet alone

Which makes up about 19% of the entire population
Internet speed is slow in Laos
Now Sky Telecom service from Vietnam has started in Laos
Now Sky Telecom service from Vietnam has started in Laos
Despite being a weak currency, Vietnam is growing rapidly and will soon be counted among the Asian Tigers.

A game of martial arts called Moe Lao is the national sport of Laos.

Laos is connected by train to its three neighbors China, Vietnam and Thailand.

There are a total of 60 airports in Laos and a network of about 10,000 km of roads has been laid.

Rice is a favorite food of Laos people
In Laos, rice is a must in three meals a day
Two million tons were killed in Laos by the United States during the Vietnam War.

In Laos, it is the duty of every national and foreigner to respect the law

No one is allowed to keep the shop or business open after 11.30 pm.
In Laos, the US dollar or the Thai currency is more important than the local currency

Laos flag

what is Laos known for flag

what is Laos known for


LAOS AREA 237955 square kilometers.


LIFE AGE 80 years


LAOS FULL NAME Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxôn Lao 





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