what is Macau famous for(2021)

what is Macau famous for

what is Macau famous for.
In today’s article we will read about a country that has its own country, its own president, its own currency and its own passport, but still this country is not free.

Today, our topic will be the second richest country in the world after Qatar, the people of East Asia, a country on the east coast of China, a country called Macau.

The total area of ​​Macau is 105 square kilometers.
Macau has long been occupied by the Portuguese.
Macau has long been occupied by the Portuguese.

The history of Macau is no different from the history of China.

The area has been part of the Chinese government for thousands of years.
Whether it was the time of the tribes or centuries later, this was the area of ​​China that the Chinese rulers did not pay attention to, nor was it so important to them.
This beach town was nothing more than a fortnight.
This beach town was nothing more than a fortnight.
The region of China, which had long suffered from deprivation, began to develop after falling into Portuguese hands.

The city began to be used for trade purposes.
The Portuguese made their colony Europe.
Whose effects are still found in these places today.

A glimpse of Europe can be seen in the areas that were ruled by the Portuguese.

By 1597, Macau had been ceded to the Portuguese.

On December 1, 1887, Macau was formally founded as a Portuguese colony.

Education, health and all the necessities of life began to be available to the citizens of Macau.
With the formation of the Portuguese colony, Macau’s fortunes began to change.

Macau was at the forefront of gambling and other activities in China.

On the eve of World War II, the Japanese tried their best to occupy Macau.

But they almost failed to capture.
In 1971, China applied to the United Nations to remove Bangkok and Macau from the list of colonies and make them part of China.

In 1987, the Macau issue was discussed between Portugal and China.

Twelve years later, on December 20, 1999, Portugal transferred Macau to China.

For about 442 years, the Portuguese government ruled this small country.

interesting fact about Macau

interesting fact about Macau

Macau’s total area is 105 square kilometers, interesting facts.

Surprisingly, 73% of the country’s land area is covered by water.
Only 29.2 square kilometers of land area.

The country has a population of 667,400.
There is no prospect of independence of this country by 2049 in the future.

Macau will either continue to operate in the same way between one country and two systems, or it will merge with China.
If this country gains independence, it will be ranked 163rd in terms of population.

It will be ranked 190th in the world in terms of area.
And if this country is considered independent, it will be the most densely populated country.

Where the number of people living per square kilometer has reached 21000.
Administered by China, this city-like country is one of the richest countries.

Macau’s current total GDP is . 78.9.
After Qatar, the country’s cities are considered the richest citizens in the world.

Whose per capita income is US115,620.
Macau’s biggest source of income is nothing but casinos and tourism.

The currency used in Macau is called the address.
This currency was used in this country in 1977.

And its value was linked to the Hong Kong dollar.
Today, one of his addresses is equivalent to 17.54 Pakistani rupees.
This government generates good revenue from games every year.

Macau was contracted by Portugal to China in 1597.

In 1887, Macau became Europe’s first colony.
And after handing over to China in 1999, it is considered to be the longest living colony in Europe.

Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages ​​of this country.

The country also has the honor of making the world’s highest bungee jump.
Millions of people travel to this country every year.

In the year 2016, 39.5 million people traveled to this country.

Among them were 20 million Chinese.

Macau temperatures range from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Macau temperatures range from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
The life rate in Macau is 79 years.
Macau ranks second in the world in terms of average age.
Where the average age of human beings is 84 years.

Apart from tourism, the country has become very popular due to its children’s toys and clothing industry and footwear industry.

The current literacy rate in Macau is 96.5%.
It has offices in Belgium and Portugal to maintain its trade.
It has offices in Belgium and Portugal to maintain its trade.
Prior to 2010, four countries other than Pakistan and Bangladesh were not allowed to visit Macau.

These four countries include Nepal, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka.
Indians are among the countries that can travel to Macau for 30 days without a visa.
In Macau, shopping is also done with Hong Kong dollars.

People living in Macau still have both Macau and Portuguese citizenship.
The Chinese also apply for a visa first.

Macau’s original name is Macao, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.
Macau’s domain name is MO

interesting fact about Macau flags

calling code +853
This country is also inhabited by a small number of Muslims.

There is also a mosque called the Macau Mosque.
Fatima and Omar are the two names that are most commonly given to children of Muslims and Christians.
Fifty percent of Macau’s population is Buddhist.

Chinese police and security forces can neither enter the country nor take action.
Because security management is their own.

While the Chinese army is tasked with protecting this country.

China currently has defense and foreign affairs.

The country is connected to Bangkok by a 57 km long bridge.

Macau is currently the 9th fastest growing country in the world.

Macau is currently the 9th fastest growing country in the world.
But today rickshaws are used only for visiting while rickshaws are called rickshaws in this country.
The Macau government is not giving nationality to anyone because of the huge population growth.


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