what is slovenia known for

what is slovenia known for

what is slovenia known for

Slovenia is a small but very beautiful country in Europe
There are about 10,000 caves inside Slovenia
These caves trace ancient life to Slovenia
These caves are a tourist attraction
There are about 50 major rivers in Slovenia
These rivers add to the beauty of Slovenia.
The capital and largest city of Slovenia is Ljubljana
Ljubljana and this city is very beautiful
The city of Ljubljana was founded in the twelfth century
Which in the beginning was nothing but a village

The total area of ​​the city is more than 164 square kilometers

The city has a population of about 320,000

Slovenia is bordered by Croatia, Hungary, Australia and Italy.
The total area of ​​Slovenia is 20273 square kilometers
And it is the 151st largest country in terms of area
The total population of the country is estimated at 2,200,000

slovenia facts

The country was ranked 145th in terms of population
After their independence, thousands of people from Croatia were fleeing to Slovenia.

People were moving from Slovenia to Hungary
In 2017, when Hungary fenced off the border with India, a few months later the Slovenian government also started fencing off the border with Croatia.

Between 2015 and 2016, 500,000 people migrated from other countries to Slovenia
Due to Slovenia’s lack of strict laws, people traveled to the country
And the government kept creating problems for a while
The War of Independence fought for its independence in 1992 was the first war fought in Slovenia since World War I.
After the war of independence, Croatia was the first country to recognize the independence of Slovenia
And Slovenia was the first country to recognize Croatia’s independence

Europe’s largest hall-like cave is also located in a village in Slovenia
The Soka Valley, situated on the banks of the Soka River, is also a recreational destination that compels foreigners to come to Slovenia.
Slovenia became a member of the European Union on June 1, 2004
And on January 1, 2007, the Slovenian government abolished the Slovenian tolar and introduced the euro currency into its country

slovenia country

People living in Slovenia are called Slovenians

And Slovenians make up 85% of the nation’s population
2% of Serbs live in Slovenia and about 2% of Croatians live in Slovenia
One percent smell and the rest live in Slovenia
Slovenian calling code+386

The Slovenian domain is semi-Fi
When it comes to Slovenia’s religions, 57% of the population is Roman Catholic
16% of Slovenians do not yet have a clear religion

Percent of Slovenians have no religion yet
3% of Slovenians believe in God but do not follow any religion.


About 2.9 percent of Muslims live in Slovenia

Until 2003, Slovenia was the only country without a Jewish synagogue

After 2003, synagogues were built

There are 600 Jews in Slovenia
Slovenia is one of the top ten countries in Europe
It is estimated that the number of tourists visiting Slovenia has reached 5 million
Germany, Austria, Italy, and France are major trading partners with Slovenia

Slovenia’s trade includes aluminum industry, electronics products, zinc, automobiles, lumber truck, textile and chemical industries.
Slovenia has almost no crime rate

The literacy rate in Slovenia is close to 100%
In terms of education, Slovenia ranks 12th in the world and 4th in Europe
Slovenian is the official language of this country
English, Italian and Croatian are the other languages ​​spoken in the country

In 2016, the capital of Slovenia was named the greenest capital

Slovenia is at the top of the list of the most cave-capped countries in the world.

There are more than 10,000 caves in Slovenia

About 50% of Slovenia is covered by trees
Slovenia has only 46.6% of the coastline

And this coastline is very beautiful
Slovenia ranks first in Central Europe with a per capita income of 35,000

Alcohol is also sold in this country like water

slovenia flag

The Hell of Death is a race in Slovenia that involves running without a break.
The 400-meter race also has the distinction of being the most dangerous race in the world

Football, ice skating, handball and basketball are the sports played in this country
From January 23 to February 5, Grenado is the most popular festival in the country

Lake Blade is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, visited by millions of tourists every year

Slovenia is the 5th largest country in Europe with a very friendly and hospitable people

slovenia map

About 25,000 species of animals, birds and insects are found in this country.

Standing on the Slovenian coast you can see Italy and Croatia
Boca Waterfall is the largest waterfall in the country

Slovenia has about 260 waterfalls

what is slovenia known for

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