who was Abraham Lincoln’s father in the 2021

who was Abraham Lincoln's father in the 2021

who was Abraham Lincoln’s father.
Our main topic today will be speech.
Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor family.
Abraham Lincoln’s father was a cobbler.
Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 in a poor and backward house.
And killed in 1865.
Abraham Lincoln is considered the most important and strong president of the United States.
Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States twice.
Abraham Lincoln was 56 years old.

He was shot by a racist in a theater and lost his life.
Abraham Lincoln’s fault was that he freed millions of blacks across the United States from slavery.
Which caused his death.

Abraham Lincoln did not receive a formal education.

He was a self-made and self-educated man.
He continued to work in the fields and get his education by asking people.
Abraham Lincoln once asked a landowner to read a biography of George Washington, the first president of the United States.
But this book was spoiled by Abraham Lincoln.
In return, Abraham Lincoln worked in the fields for three days.

who was Abraham Lincoln’s father in the 2021

Abraham Lincoln's

It was 1828 when a 19-year-old rural employee first arrived in the American commercial city of New Orleans.
Such a big city he had seen for the first time in his life
He was impressed by the magnificent buildings and the large ships guarding the shore.
Then a scene struck him.
Then the scene became attached to its remote corners.
He saw that human beings were being bought and sold in the city market.
Humans are being sold and bought like commodities.
Helpless human beings bound in chains were being unloaded and loaded.
The cruelty was that in the markets of New Orleans, there would be advertisements on how many people would bid on what day.
And how many men, how many children, and how many women.
These ads would also say that buyers should bring cash. Because the slave-selling company does not deal on credit.

who was Abraham Lincoln's

The cruelty was that all these slaves were black.

White enslaved black.

This villager Abraham Lincoln was watching the slaves being sold in the market.

Abraham Lincoln was digging inside but couldn’t do anything.
Abraham Lincoln was an employee of a small boat when he saw the whole scene with his own eyes.
At the time, Abraham Lincoln told his colleague that if I had the chance, I would stop this fog at all costs.
Just this dream was seen by Abraham Lincoln at that time.

Abraham Lincoln’s dream came true.
Abraham Lincoln spent the first 6 years of his childhood in New Salem, a small town on the banks of the Sangamon River.
When Abraham Lincoln was 9 years old, his mother died from being found in the milk of a poisonous plant.


Lincoln’s father brought a stepmother.
Abraham did not complain to his stepmother, but never to his father.
Abraham did not like his father.
Abraham Lincoln’s father also satirized and beat him.

Abraham Lincoln’s education was such that he could only read and write.
Even Abraham Lincoln was not a handsome man.
He could not speak English well.
Abraham Lincoln was a man 6 feet and 4 inches tall.
This tall Abraham Lincoln was the center of attention everywhere.
Abraham Lincoln began his career as a storekeeper in a wooden cabin in New Salem.

Very few people lived in New Salem.
The people of the same village were customers of Abraham Lincoln.

Some people used to come here while traveling in the river, stop here for a while and buy some things from this store.


The store consisted of candles, wine bottles and some utensils.
Due to the constant loss, the store owner closed the store and fired Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln was an honest man.
One day in New Salem, a woman went to Abraham Lincoln’s store to buy goods.
So Abraham found out that his weight was a little lighter.
Abraham came to the woman’s house with as much weight as he had lost.
Many more such incidents took place.
Which made Lincoln the honest man famous.
It was because of this fame that Abraham Lincoln decided to run in the 1832 state election.

 Abraham Lincoln's  wife

Abraham Lincoln thought that the people of New Salem would vote for him and the people around him would vote for him.

And he will become a member of the State Assembly of Allana.
But Abraham lost the election despite his good reputation.
After the election failure, Abraham had empty pockets and a hungry stomach.

Abraham cut wood to satisfy his hunger.

Then someone suggested becoming a postman would make good money.
So he became a doctor and started delivering letters from house to house.

He quit his job as a postman and started doing surveys together with surveyors.

This job did not suit their mood and needs.
He then took advantage of his stature to challenge Neelam Salem’s wrestling champion.

Abraham Lincoln also lost this challenge.
Abraham Lincoln is said to have deliberately lost the competition in order to gain the sympathy of the wrestling champion and his friends.

The boy and Armstrong became close friends, and Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in the political arena.
Abraham Lincoln then opened the Barry Lincoln Store with his friend William Berry.
Abraham Lincoln won the state assembly election in 1834.

This was Abraham Lincoln’s first success, full of failures.

But even this success did not solve Abraham Lincoln’s employment problem.
After becoming active in politics, he was not able to give his store time at all.
1835 proved to be a painful year in the life of Abraham Lincoln.

First, his best friend and store partner William Harry died.
Then the store closed. When the store closed, the ڈالر 1800 debt had gone up.
This was a huge sum at the time, and it took Lincoln fifteen years to unload.
Abraham used to call this debt a national debt.
Even deeper wound than debt and store owner Lincoln got it from Ann Rutledge.
Abraham was the girl from New Salem who was found in the store.
Ann Rutledge was so beautiful that Lincoln wanted to see her.
But the problem was that the girl had promised to marry someone else.
According to psychologists, once someone falls in love with someone, the way back becomes impossible.
So Lincoln spent hours talking to Ann in and out of the store.
The two also met on the river bank.

 Abraham Lincoln's childeren

Ann died of typhoid the same year.
Anne cried badly under a tree.
In the same year, Abraham suffered three wounds, one of which was deeper.
But as long as he lived, he kept coming to Anne’s grave several times.
Abraham Lincoln left New Salem two years after the deaths of Ann and William Berry.
Went to the nearby town Springfield.
Abraham Lincoln’s world changed in Springfield.
In Springfield, Lincoln began practicing law and making good money.
And slowly he began to pay off his debts.
Abraham married Mary Ted, a girl from a noble family.
But despite all this, Abraham wanted to speak up for slavery in America.

But his own party and voters began to dislike him because of his views.

Abraham Lincoln left politics and turned to advocacy.
In his spare time he gave his wife and children but he forgot his father and stepmother.

Life would have passed like this and no one would have known Lincoln today.

As Lincoln left politics, one of the reasons for this was whether black slavery should be abolished or not.
The United States was clearly divided into two parts these days.
On the one hand, the southern states of the United States, which depended on agriculture.
But the problem was that the people of the southern states did not employ blacksmiths but black slaves.
In Buddhism, slaves were given permanent residence and food.

These twenty-four hour slaves had no rights.

Therefore, black slaves were cheaper to landlords in the southern states than to white workers.
That is why the people of the southern states did not want to end slavery.
On the other hand, there was an industrial revolution in the northern states.
There were black jobs in the factories which gave birth to the middle class.
The interest of this class was rooted not in the field but in the factories.
If the factory owners of these northern states were allowed to keep slaves, they would also keep free black slaves instead of white ones.
Which obviously makes a large number of whites unemployed.
The abolition of slavery in the United States was both a moral issue and an economic issue.
Most white people in the northern state wanted to abolish slavery from all over the United States.
Opposition in the northern states of the United States intensified in the 1850s, while support in the southern states intensified.
This intensity increased so much that the blood began to deteriorate.

The civil war in the United States had begun in the 1850s.
Proponents and opponents of slavery began to argue and kill each other.

Biblical references were made to support and oppose slavery.

That was when Abraham Lincoln began his career anew.
There was a crowd in the Springfield market and St. Douglas was giving a speech and telling people that blacks in the United States have this right.

Whether they keep black slaves or set them free.
After the Shelley speech, Abraham stepped forward and addressed the crowd. I will tell you tomorrow.
How ugly Douglas’s arguments are.

People at Lincoln Springfield already knew, so the next day people gathered again to listen to Lincoln.
For three hours in a row, Abraham Lincoln argued in favor of black slaves that touched people’s hearts.
That is why Abraham became increasingly popular.
Abraham Lincoln’s party wig was fading and a new Republican party was emerging.

Abraham Lincoln joined the party.
Lincoln tried to run for senator from the same party in 1858.
His old rival was Douglas.
Abraham Lincoln lost to Douglas this time around.
Despite the defeat, Lincoln had become famous throughout the United States.
Lincoln had become so famous that he was named as the US presidential candidate.
The Republican Party nominates Abraham Lincoln as its presidential candidate.
On the other hand, the Democrats could not find a unanimous candidate.
There were two Democratic candidates against Lincoln, one was Douglas and the other was John Brecken from Southern Rhea Toast.
Abraham Lincoln won the election on November 6, 1860.
According to the US election formula, Abraham Lincoln had won the electoral votes of 18 states.

Lincoln received 180 electoral votes.

After Abraham Lincoln’s victory, the United States was torn in two.

The southern states of the United States, which wanted to maintain slavery, declared a coup.
The rebel states formed a separate state called the Confederate State of America.
With a separate flag and assembly, Senator Davis was elected president.

Time gave Abraham Lincoln the biggest challenge before he was sworn in.
Lincoln had to take the oath first to solve this problem.
The distance from Springfield to Washington DC was about 1500 km.

At that time there were no airplanes.
Had to go on the steam-powered train.
Opponents of Abraham Lincoln also threatened to assassinate Lincoln.
He was an inexperienced US president.
America was broken before taking the oath.

Abraham Lincoln also had to save America and his reputation.
He was addressing his supporters at Springfield.
“I’ve been in Springfield for 40 years,” he told supporters.
One of my sons is also buried here.
I don’t know if I’ll be back.

By February 20, 1861, the train of the President-elect reached Philadelphia within 9 days.

Along the way, he also addressed his supporters.

Now Washington DC was not far from where the oath was to be taken.
But along the way came the Balti moor.
The number of supporters of slavery here was very high.

Lincoln’s security chief told Lincoln that insurgents had planned the attack in Baltimore.
The security guard told Lincoln that he would be attacked with a knife in Baltimore as he pulled his supporters out of the car to address him.
In view of this danger, Abraham Lincoln’s train was quietly diverted.
Abraham Lincoln arrived safely in Washington DC.
But the train on which Lincoln was scheduled was not attacked in Baltimore.
When the first train reached Baltimore, there were a large number of supporters welcoming Lincoln.
Even the journalist, but Lincoln was not there, people returned disappointed.
When people learned that Lincoln had changed trains for fear of an attack, the story got out of hand in the opposition media.
What a cowardly president he is and so on.

Despite all these circumstances, Abraham Lincoln was sworn in on March 4, 1861.

And it took the oath in Washington DC.

The swearing-in ceremony was also not free from insurgent attacks, so strict security measures were taken here as well.
Lincoln also spoke at the swearing-in ceremony.
Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.
But the speech that Lincoln wrote was not about that, it was about the opposite.
He said in his speech that the states in which the system of slavery is established.
Because slavery will remain there, I have no intention of interfering there.
He also threatened these states in a soft manner.
O angry compatriots, the matter of civil war is now in your hands. The government will never take the initiative.
If you attack, then there will be a fight. The government that has promised to destroy you is not a scripture.
And the commitment to save America is strong and I will watch over it.

From the White House window, Virginia, the central rebel state, was visible.
The city of Richmond in the same state was the capital of the rebel government.
Colonel Jeffery Sun, the rebel president, lived in the same city.
Now it was a matter that Lincoln could not ignore.
His voters and supporters insisted that the Potomac River be crossed.
And destroy it by attacking Virginia.
People thought that defeating the Union Army insurgents was not a difficult task.
But Abraham Lincoln did not want to take the initiative in the attack.
He was waiting for the rebels to make a mistake. That mistake was made by the rebels.
The rebels attacked Fort Sumter, a key Union stronghold.
Abraham Lincoln also ordered his army to prepare.
It seemed that there were more northern states, obviously more troops.
On July 21, 1861, Abraham Lincoln ordered his general, McDowell, to invade the rebel state of Virginia.

 Abraham Lincoln's friends

After this order, the Americans not only took it seriously but also considered it a joke.
The American people came to see this war from a high place as a spectacle.

Even American soldiers did not know the horrors of war.

When the U.S. military crossed the river, rebel ammunition in front forced them to flee.

This battle is known as the Battle of the Bull Run
It was an unexpected defeat.

January 1, 1863 was the historic day in Kaden America when Abraham Lincoln announced the abolition of slavery.
That evening, Abraham Lincoln signed the Abolition of Slavery Bill and wrote his full name, Abraham Lincoln.
Usually he used to write A. Lincoln.
At the time, Lincoln also wrote that if my name ever became part of history, it would be because of this act of slavery.
The act also stated that the Union Army would now be able to recruit blacks into the army.
Hundreds of thousands began to enlist in the Black Union Army.
When re-election took place in November 1864, Abraham Lincoln won again and George McLean lost the election.
There were 212 electoral votes for Abraham Lincoln and only 21 for General McLean.
After winning the election, Lincoln abolished slavery in the United States through an amendment.
In January 1865, Abraham Lincoln’s dream that he had dreamed 37 years ago came true.
The long-running war ended, and on April 3, 1865, the rebel stronghold of Richmond was conquered.
The American Civil War ended four years later.
And six million people died fighting among themselves.
In his speech on April 11, 1865, Abraham Lincoln announced a general amnesty for the rebels.

who was Abraham Lincoln's 2021

Thomas Lincoln was the name of Abraham Lincoln’s father.
Thomas Lincoln was a farmer.
He was born on January 6, 1778 in the US state of Virginia and died on January 17, 1851.
Some historians write that Abraham Lincoln’s father made shoes.
According to a report, Abraham Lincoln arrived at the House to take the oath of office when he was elected President.
So a centurion stood in the hall and said, “Remember Lincoln, you are the son of a shoemaker.”
Lincoln smiled and walked over to the dice.
“I’m proud to be the son of a shoemaker,” Lincoln said.
My father’s shoes are famous all over America.
Because they acted with complete honesty.
If my father’s shoe still bothers anyone, I’m here.
The center was embarrassed and never did that again.

Abraham Lincoln died

One evening Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, went to see a play at the then-famous Fords Theater.
A box was reserved for both of them.
On which the flag was wrapped.
Then Lincoln’s carriage came in front of the theater and Major Roth Bone and his fiancé were also in the Ricky carriage.
Everyone was watching the play and it was a comedy called Our Cousin America.
Famous actress Larkin was playing the lead role in it.
The most famous stage actor was John O’ Brix Booth, who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln.
The killer escaped comfortably.
At 7:22 a.m. on April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln, 56, breathed his last.

Abraham Lincoln family

who was Abraham Lincoln's father

💖 Lincoln parents .

father name is 💖 Thomas Lincoln

mother name is💖 Nancy Hanks

sister; 💖 Sarah

brother; 💖 THOMAS




EDWARD BAKKER,💖 William Wallace

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

who was Abraham Lincoln's mother

I remember the man who killed his parents when he was sentenced and appealed for mercy because he was an orphan.
You can’t put a person down a drain without contaminating yourself.
Most people are as happy as they want to be.
I used to travel fifty miles and ask for books from my friends.
Examine the books as much as possible.
And the secret of success lies in that.
I don’t know who my grandfather was, I’m just worried about what his grandson should be.
There is no record in the history of the world of a philosopher who has been happy.
You can deceive one man forever You can deceive some men for a while but you cannot deceive all men forever.

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