Who was Fidel Castro? 2021

Who was Fidel Castro?2021

Who was Fidel Castro?

Who was Fidel Castro?2021Fidel Castro was the man who revolutionized Cuba at just 32 years old.
As he was delivering his victory speech in the capital, Havana, a dove came and sat on his shoulder.
It was an omen in the eyes of the crowd listening to the speech.
That God has chosen this man to lead us.
And he remained the hero of the Cuban people as long as he lived and still is today.
In this post we are telling you the story of Fidel Castro, the founder of the communist revolution.
It was in the 1940‘s that he received a letter written in English to US President Freelancer Roosevelt.
The letter writer congratulated Roosevelt on becoming president for the third time and also made a unique order.
He wrote, “Sell me a ten-dollar note because I haven’t seen a ten-dollar note.”
The White House sent a letter of thanks to the Cuban boy but did not send ten dollars.
The 16-year-old boy’s name was Fidel Castro.
Fidel Castro was beaten by a very large feudal lord of eastern Cuba.
His father owned 25,000 acres of land.
On which he used to grow sugarcane crop.
Castro came to study in the capital Havana, far from his village.
But he was more interested in politics than studying.

And the reason was the University of Havana.
Here Castro enrolled to study law, but circumstances were taking him a step further.
The university was a stronghold of student organizations.
Hot political discussions between students were commonplace.
Knives and guns often came out during these discussions.
Fidel Castro also became part of this politics.
He also attended and addressed meetings of student organizations.

Castro was a tremendous setter.
He used to tie the knot with his speeches.
In 1947, Castro joined a party.
The party was working to bring honest leadership to Cuba and to help the poor.
Then the following year, in 1948, Castro saw a strange scene in Colombia, where a poor labor leader was shot dead.
He saw the protests and the whole of Colombia.
These events made Ka Suharto realize that the people can go to any lengths to bring about change if they want to.


So after learning this lesson from Colombia, Castro returned home.

Four years later, in 1952, Castro also became a candidate for parliament.
But the election did not take place because just three months before the election, former Cuban President Batista seized power with the help of the military.
It banned political parties and imprisoned opponents.

And shut down the critical newspapers.

By this time Castro had taken a law degree.
And was practicing in Havana.
She married Vitara Davis, a friend from her university.
He also had a son.
But when Batista’s government came to power in Cuba, Castro took up arms and a fight ensued.

People were riding in Castro cars.
Castro’s plan was to approach the barracks, loot the weapons depot and then seize the barracks.
But the plan failed as troops opened fire on Castro’s comrades, killing eight.
And Castro fled to the mountains with his companions.
But caught the day after.
He was tried for treason and sentenced to 15 years.
He was then imprisoned, including his brother.

But life in prison proved to be a blessing for Fidel Castro.
He began reading books and smuggling his speeches and ideas out of prison.
Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.
There was no prospect of Castro’s release, but all of a sudden, Castro was released.

It so happened that in 1954, Batista held a fake election and declared his victory.
He released all political prisoners, including Castro, in celebration of the fake victory.

Who was Fidel Castro? 2021


Castro was released from prison on May 15, 1955.
But he was not happy about his release.
He had learned that his wife was working to oppose the government during his imprisonment.
It was a big emotional blow for him.
He had divorced his wife.

Then he took the road to Mexico with his brother Rachel.

Castro encamped in Mexico City.
He named the 26 July Movement in memory of comrades killed during the first uprising.
He was now training Cuban citizens living in Mexico for armed movement.
Immigration officials put Castro in jail for this.

Che Guevara was also jailed on charges of aiding Castro.
And both were kept in the same cell.
Che Guevara and Castro also met in Mexico.
The two soon became close friends.
Che Guevara also joined the struggle for the Cuban revolution.
Che Guevara was now in prison for being Castro’s ally.


But Cuban authorities soon released the two.

When he was released from prison, he intensified his struggle.
He read books on guerrilla warfare methods.
And train your peers thoroughly.
Wealthy citizens living in Cuba and Mexico generously gave Castro money.
When Castro’s preparations were complete, the moment of revolution came.
On the night of November 25, 1956, a yard carrying 82 people left Mexico for Cuba.
Among them were Federal Castro, Rachel Castro and Che Guevara.
The ark is housed in the Havana Museum on its way to its destination on December 2.
But on the shore less water and stuck in the mud.
They reached the north shore by boat but were attacked by President Batista’s troops from all sides.

About 70 revolutionaries piled up there.

Those caught were then executed by the firing squad and some escaped.
Rahil Castro, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, along with 9 others, barely escaped and took refuge in the Para Mystra area.
Finding Castro in this forested hill was not easy.
Here Castro set up his military base and, with the help of locals, formed a guerrilla army.

In the beginning they were accompanied by Chhadsolog, then this number increased.
Now whenever Batista’s army came here in search of Castro, Castro’s guerrilla army would push him back.

This eyeballing lasted for about a year and a half.
President Baste was very upset by this fight and he was commanding this fight himself.

And his every move was backfired.
In June 1958, Batista’s army launched a final attack on Mr. Para.

Which was named Operation Desolation.

But by August, the government forces had been severely defeated.
Now Castro has launched a counter-attack on the government.
Castro’s decisive victory came on December 27, 1958, when rebels led by Che Guevara captured the city of Santa Clara.
A few days later, President Batista fled Cuba and the capital, Havana, was captured by Castro’s supporters.
When Federal Castro entered Joanna on January 9, 1959, the streets were filled with crowds.
People were chanting “Long live the federal government”.
Castro was all-inclusive in Cuba. The Cuban Revolution had begun, and Cuba was about to become a battleground between the two powers.
These powers were the United States and the Soviet Union.
Castro’s inclination was clearly towards the Soviet Union, which nationalized American business in Cuba and signed a trade agreement with Russia.
Now the United States was beginning to see Strauss as a threat to itself.

So the US CIA planned to get Castro out of the way.
According to the plan, Cuba was attacked by providing weapons and training to American citizens living in Cuba.
The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.
But Castro’s army was ready because of intelligence.

He surrounded the attackers.
Castro himself arrived on the battlefield and continued to monitor Troy.
The attackers were soon forced to surrender
The Cuban army also killed American ships.
This failed CIA operation was a major blow to the US superpower status.
This failure has embarrassed the US President around the world.

After this incident, Castro turned against the United States even more.
Now he declared himself a communist of tomorrow.
It then struck a deal with Soviet Russia that allowed it to build a missile base in Cuba.

Which upset the United States.

In defiance of the agreement, the US Navy cordoned off Cuba and threatened to destroy it if any Russian ships came with missiles.

The world is on the brink of nuclear war because of the American threat.

But the Soviet Union acted prudently and removed the missile bases from Cuba.

The crisis was averted, but hostilities between Cuba and the United States continued.
The United States continues to impose trade sanctions on Cuba.
Castro was also assassinated several times.
But he escaped every time.
The United States has also given asylum to Castro’s opponents.
In addition to the military chief, Fidel Castro served as head of state and then president.
There is no doubt that he was a dictator.
He also used to crack down on his political opponents.
But most Cubans were happy.
Because he took land from the rich and distributed it to the poor.
He also built large-scale schools and hospitals in Cuba.

Which greatly benefited the common people.

But Cuba’s economy relied heavily on Soviet aid.

As a result, when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1996, ڈالر 6 billion in aid to Cuba ceased.
Due to the bad economy and the closure of oil imports from Russia, people were forced to travel on horse-drawn carriages instead of carts.
Castro promoted tourism to revive the economy.
US sanctions also eased after the collapse of Soviet Russia.
In 2000, the US Congress passed a bill allowing US companies to supply food and medicine.
Thus began the fall of Cuba.
But Castro’s health deteriorated to the point that he could not recover.

In 2001, Castro was addressing thousands of people when his condition suddenly deteriorated and he fainted.


Three years after the incident, Castro fell from a sketch and crashed into an arm and knee.
In 2006, due to ill health, Castro handed over the presidency to his brother.
He resigned from the presidency in 2008.
Castro rarely appeared in the media after leaving the presidency.

The last time he attended a Communist Party meeting was in 2016.
Fidel Castro died on November 25, 2016, seven months after the incident.
She was 90 years old at the time.

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