Who was George Washington?( 1732)

Who was George Washington?

Who was George Washington?

Who was George Washington?Who was George Washington?
George Washington is considered the first president of the United States and the founder of the United States.

That’s the simple and concise answer to this post.
But this article will tell you how he became the President of the United States and how he first built the United States.
He was a farmer but circumstances made him a soldier.

When he got the command of the army, his color flew.
And he ran out of the room. He was defeated in most of his battles but still he was a successful general.
He was not happy when he got the news of becoming president.

Birth date and place

In 1732 lightning struck a house in West Moorland County, Virginia.

The fireplace of the house burned down and a guest woman died,
The mistress of the house fears that this is a bad omen.
Her unborn child will not be healthy.
But on February 15, 1732, when her son stepped into the world, all of her mother’s fears were dispelled.
The baby was healthy.
The mother was delighted to see this, and her father, Augustine Washington, named the child George Washington.

Washington father

George Washington’s father was a large landowner who grew tobacco.
In those days the children of the rich were often educated at home.
And George Washington also studied at home.
By the age of 15, he had completed his education.
When George was young, all the manners of the elite class were reflected in his personality.
He wore the best clothes. He learned music, dance and fencing.
It was said that there is no better horseman in all of Virginia.
But there were also some problems in this young man’s life.

George had constant pain in his teeth. His teeth have to be pulled out one by one.
And he had to spend his whole life on imitation batisi.
George Washington contracted a number of life-threatening diseases, including TB, pneumonia and malaria.
But Washington recovered every time.
George Washington inherited Mount Vernon from his brother Lawrence.

And inherited a lot of land from the father.

It was in Mount Vernon that Washington took his bride and brought her first husband’s two children and began his career as a surveyor.
But when his brother Lawrence died, George Washington joined Malaysia.
But his brother was an officer in Malaysia.
George got the job at his brother’s vacant post.

The United States was not a country when George Washington enlisted in Malaysia.
Much of it was occupied by Britain.

The United Kingdom was responsible for defending the United States, and the United States was subordinate to Malaysia.
So George Washington fought against France as a militia panel.

This war was fought for 7 years from 1756 to 1763.
George Washington’s duty was in Pislonia, where he worked with the British army to evacuate American territory from the French.
In a fight, he was shot by the enemy.
And escaped death

On another occasion, the French had to surrender.
The building in which it occurred has been rebuilt.
When Britain won the war in 1763, George Washington decided to retire.
And began to farm in his own farm.

Where he employed his black slaves.
George Washington also had 300 black slaves.
He disliked slavery and considered it an injustice.
But he never set free any of his slaves.
But he bequeathed that after the death of his wife all his slaves would be set free.
George Washington may never return to the military and politics if the political situation in the United States does not change.
The seven-year war with France left the British government in debt.
British Emperor George III imposed heavy taxes to pay off debts.
In 1767 the Americans imposed a tax on paper-painted glasses, tea and lead.

Following American protests, the government withdrew the rest of the tax, but the tax on tea remained.
Violent protests against the tax began in the United States.
On the night of December 16, 1773, three British ships attacked the city of Boston.
They threw 342 boxes full of tea into the water.
The event is known as the Boston Tea Party in the United States.
The British army retaliated by attacking the city and harassing civilians.
After the invasion, the American colony decided to gain independence from the British Raj.
Representatives from the colony began the conference at Independence Hall in Phil Delphia.

Since George Washington had been a member of the Virginia Local Assembly.

So he represented Virginia at those conferences.
The representatives of the colony were named the Continental Conference.
On July 4, 1776, 13 American colonies declared independence from this congressional platform.

The Declaration of Independence was also signed by George Washington.
George Washington was elected commander of the War of Independence.

Because not a single person in the entire United States had as much military experience as George Washington.
I mean, there was no other option.
So Congress made Washington the commander of the Curricular Army.
George Washington accepted the command, but in doing so his complexion faded.

And in panic he ran out of the room.
George took command of the army, but war was not an easy task.
In addition to the enemy, he also had to face the hardships of the weather.
He also had to cross a dangerous river.
Where even a small mistake could push his entire army to the brink of death.
During his tenure, George fought many battles in the militia, but he had little knowledge of fighting British generals.
Strategies Learn by reading some books and some from your own experiences.
Yet he did not prove to be a good commander.
George directly commanded his army in 9 battles and lost 6 and won only 3.

The main reason for the failure of the war was not Washington’s poor strategy but lack of resources and poor military condition.
The army that George Washington received included 15 years of untrained boys.
Many soldiers had only spears and sticks in the name of weapons.

Repeated defeats to Washington by untrained troops were not uncommon.
Whenever George Washington wrote a letter to Congress telling the military to stop crying.

There was a time in the war when the US military was on the brink of total destruction.
It so happened that in the winter of 1777, Washington encamped at Valley Forge to rest its troops.
He had ten thousand soldiers with hi
When the snow started falling, it became very difficult to burn the wood of the surrounding forest. m but there was no arrangement to keep the soldiers warm in his camp.
Food for the soldiers and fodder for the horses ran out.
George Washington went to his soldiers and encouraged them, but that encouragement was not enough.
By the time Washington Valley Forge pulled out, 2,500 of its soldiers had died.
Valley Forge, where Washington resided, has been renamed Valley Forge National Historical Park.
The headquarters where George Washington used to meet with his officers is still safe.
George Washington was dealing with the dire situation of his army when he found an ally.
France began helping Washington to avenge the defeat of 1763.

Marcus Lafayette, a Frenchman, also arrived in the United States and became a close associate of George Washington.
And was training his army.
General Washington also received significant support from Van Steve Bone, a former soldier.

British soldiers

This man taught me to fight like a unit of the US Army.
And told how to persevere on the battlefield despite the bullets.

Thus, with the help of allies and learning from their failures, he succeeded in making his army largely successful.
By this time, however, the British army was heavy and the American army was losing.
But in 1781, George Washington won an unexpected victory that changed the course of the war.
It so happened that Lord Connolly, the British military general in the United States, went to York Town, Virginia with his 7,000 troops.
The town was surrounded by water on three sides.
The general was waiting for the British navy here as British ships were to move it to other parts of the United States.

George Washington and his allies surrounded Parktown by land and sea.
The French navy defeated the British navy and cut off the only way for the British military commander to escape.
The siege of Yorktown began on September 28, and fierce battles broke out between the US and British forces for control of the British army.
The Allied forces numbered more than 20,000, compared to 7,000 British troops.
So the Allies began to win every battle. When the British general had no hope of help, he surrendered on 17 October 1781.

Two years later, in September 1783, a peace treaty was signed between the United States, Britain and France in Paris.
And Britain recognized the United States as an independent country.
George Washington entered New York as conqueror on November 25, 1783, but did not stay long.
As soon as he heard of the peace agreement, he bid farewell to his officers and resigned from his command.
He returned to Mount Vernon and once again began to live a life of retirement.
But this retirement did not last more than a few years.
It so happened that a free America lacked a strong leader.
Which are respectable in the eyes of all people.
Therefore, in the light of the American Constitution in 1779, the electorate of the independent states unanimously elected George Washington as President.
Washington was not happy when he received the news that he had become president, but had to accept the position for the sake of his country.
On April 20, 1779, thousands of workers gathered in front of New York’s Federal Hall.
George Washington took the oath of office on this balcony. He said in his oath that he would fulfill his responsibilities in good faith.
Every American president since George Washington has taken the oath of office.
George Washington was twice elected President of the United States for four years.
He ruled from 1779 to 1797.

Two incidents during this time also caused significant damage to his reputation.
The first incident was the tax against whiskey.
In a revolt in 1794, rebels kidnapped tax collectors.
In order to humiliate government employees, tar was applied to their bodies with bird feathers.
Then they would be carried on a stick by two people and their procession would be taken out in the city.
However, the uprising ended with the intervention of government forces.
But George Washington became unpopular with the public.
Cartoons were published in which Washington wrapped up the constitution and bottled up the uprising.
The second blow to Washington’s reputation came in the same year, 1794, when George Washington signed a treaty with Britain.
Under the agreement, the United States promised to repay the debt owed to the British colony before independence.
The deal drew strong criticism from Washington and the media.
A newspaper called him a fake patriot and a double man.
These personal attacks hurt George Washington.
But he continued his responsibilities as president.
George Washington also remembers his home, Mount Vernon.
So he decided to move the US capital closer to home.
For this purpose he built a city near Virginia which is today called George Washington DC.
Construction of the White House for the US President’s residence also began in the city.
But George’s second term ended before the White House was completed.
He did not run for a third term.
In his farewell address, George said two terms are enough for a president.
Now is the time to hand over power to the new president.

In 1797 George Washington retired for the third and last time.
And returned to Mount Vernon.

He began to spend time caring for his lands.

His retirement could not be longer.

On November 12, 1799, George Washington returned home from the rain-soaked fields.
He did not bother to speak of his soaked clothes.
Two days later, on November 14, his throat went bad.
When his condition worsened, he told his wife, Martha, “I think I’m leaving.”

He checked his own pulse and died a few moments later.

He was 68 years old at the time of his death.
George Washington was buried in a four-walled house a short distance from Mount Vardhan.
Like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington differs on religious views.
He had little interest in religion.

And in his speeches he made little mention of God and Jesus.
George Washington had no children

All her love was for her stepchildren.
Today, George Washington is considered the founder of the United States.
His birthday is celebrated on the third week of every essential.

It’s called President’s Day.
This day is a public holiday in the United States and is celebrated throughout the United States.
Monuments to George Washington and me are spread across the United States.

Near the White House, the tower is built in memory of Washington.



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