Who Was Isaac Newton? 2021

Who Was Isaac Newton? 2021

Who Was Isaac Newton?2021

Who Was Isaac Newton?2021 in this post is most imported topic .

Newton’s childhood was very lonely and sad
He was born in Lincolnshire, East England.

And the name of his town was Grantham where he grew up.

Newton was born on Christmas Day, 1642

The world’s greatest scientist Sir Isaac Newton suffered a major trauma even before he was born

His illiterate farmer father had passed away three months before his birth

The birth of Sir Isaac Newton was also a great maturity
He was so weak at birth that his mother and others thought Newton would never live.

But Newton survived Newton had been suffering from poverty and orphanhood since childhood
And it was only three years later that he got another shock
His mother married a rich priest and left him with her grandparents.

Newton was left alone and his parents’ separation had a profound effect on his psyche
He started running away from social life and socializing with people
Newton made loneliness his only friend and never married

Newton was an incompetent student
It is hard to believe that a great scientist like Newton was a poor student in the beginning
He was less interested in reading and more interested in making machine toys
But the school was so far from his home that he could not come every day.
At the age of 12, Newton was admitted to King’s School.

So he had to leave home and live with a pharmacist

Sir Isaac Newton also signed the school wall in accordance with school tradition

Newton studied at the school for five years, until 1660

After that, in 1661, he entered Trinity College, Cambridge University
Newton is said to have made a list of sins at the age of 19
One of the sins was to threaten his mother and stepfather to burn down his house.
He also wrote that he wanted to die and that he wanted other people to die as well
He also wrote that I am a greedy person, I love money and so on

Newton’s mother wanted him to become a farmer. Today’s parents want their children to become doctors, engineers, pilots.
It so happened that while Newton was attending King’s School, his mother became a widow again.

She left her husband’s house and returned to her ancestral home
He decided to pick up Newton from school and make him a farmer
When he told Newton what he wanted, he was very upset
Newton had no interest in plowing the fields

He wanted to study and then his former headmaster came to his aid
The headmaster persuaded his mother to let him continue his studies
If Newton had not received this help, Newton might have become a farmer
And the history of science may be different

In the time of Sir Isaac Newton, the whole country was locked down due to the plague.
When the plague broke out in 1665, Cambridge University closed its campus

Meanwhile, Newton also returned home
There were many apple trees around his house
One day Newton was sitting near an apple tree when he saw an apple falling down and discovered a theory called gravity.
It is said that if the plague had spread in England, Newton would have stayed at Cambridge University.
And never discovered gravity
Newton later introduced his three laws of motion
Which formed the basis of modern physics
Another feat of Newton that few people know is that he discovered that light is made up of different colors.

sir Isaac newton

Earlier, it was thought to be white
And it doesn’t include any other colors
He discovered that light is very complex and involves many colors.
To do this, they passed light through a small hole in a darkened room and saw its reflection on a wall.
Many colors appeared on the wall, so for the first time science has known, light is made of different colors
And since then most of the light research has been done on this basis

But because of his research on light, he also fought with his people
Among them was Robert Book, a member of the Royal Society
The man objected that Newton had stolen his investigation

Newton became so angry at Hooke’s accusation that he spent many days in solitude and stopped celebrating.
He also wrote to a religious organization about his research
His religious organization believed that Newton’s research was not religiously relevant
After this correspondence, Newton became so nervous breakdown that he once again put on the cloak of loneliness.
Newton was a great scientist but could not see other scientists advancing

He fraudulently named another scientist
This research was on the subject of calculus in mathematics
The importance of calculus can be gauged from the fact that all modern computer programming is based on engineering and physics
In the 1670s, the famous scholar Gottfried Lens researched calculus and developed an advanced version of it.
Which is still used today

When Newton found out, he set up a bungalow
And announced that I had done all the research on Calculus

But it is stealing all my work and taking all the credit itself
When the commotion escalated, Gottfried appealed to the Royal Society

These societies were established for scientific advancement
And it was considered an authority on science

But the compulsion of this society was that Newton was its president
Newton set up a separate committee on the Calculus issue to show his neutrality


But the committee was not impartial
On the contrary, it was full of Newton’s supporters

They ruled in Newton’s favor, and Newton named Calvary
Newton was president of the Royal Society from 1703 to 1727

That is, he remained the chairman of this committee till his death

This society is now called the Royal Society

Newton, like many people, was obsessed with getting rich

The stories of the philosopher Stone were famous in his time

That is, an imaginary stone or chemical that can turn iron and lead into gold just by touching it
Alchemists have been trying to make philosopher’s stones for thousands of years, but they have never succeeded

Newton also tried to make the philosopher Stone but failed like other scientists
Newton twice became a Member of Parliament, but he did not run for office

In fact, Cambridge University seat was reserved in Parliament
Any university representative could become a Member of Parliament for one year
Newton became a Member of Parliament in 1679 and 1701
He was, as is his custom, always silent in Parliament. In 1679, when he told the Member of Parliament, Newton had uttered only one sentence.

He told the employee to close the window. I have a cold.
In addition, he remained completely silent on the proceedings of Parliament
In 1700, Newton was made in charge of taxis
He held this position until his death


As such, he introduced the scientific practice of coinage in England

It was during Newton’s tenure that England and Scotland became one in 1701
Newton combines the currencies of England and Scotland and introduces a new currency name

Britain’s modern currency system is based on the same currency

Developed by John Newton
Newton’s standard coinage made the Royal Textile of England the best textile in Europe
People in Europe began to rely more on the British currency
Because they thought it was impossible to make counterfeit coins

Newton worked hard to stop the production of counterfeit coins
Newton himself investigated the forgers who were caught

Many counterfeiters were also hanged

There was also William, a famous counterfeiter of the time, who was caught by Newton’s efforts
During the operation against these forgers, Newton came in contact with many criminals

He continued to receive death threats but was not harmed
And continued to hold counterfeiters accountable
But Newton was once accused of undermining the quality of the coins he was making
But when a jury conducted research, Newton proved on scientific grounds that these coins were not substandard

Rather, it proves that when the coin is being declared substandard by checking with the help of a tool, the device itself is defective.
So the tool was removed and Newton’s coins remained in use in Britain

In 1705, Queen Anne of Britain visited Cambridge University

During this visit, the Queen addressed Newton as Knight
Newton was later called Sir Isaac Newton
Newton is said to have been knighted not because of his scientific services but because of his political connections.

After being President of the Royal Society and in-charge of the Mint Church, Putin held another position.
In 1629, at the age of just 26, he became an honorary professor of Riyadh at Cambridge University

This position is considered to be the most respected position in the field of education in the world

Stephen Hawking also held the position from 1979 to 2009
After becoming an honorary professor, Newton spent almost 30 years at the university
But during this time he gave very few lectures

He was mostly engaged in his research
He left Cambridge University when he got a job at the Royal Mint

Newton was 80 years old in the 1720s
And as he grew older, his health began to decline
In his later years, Newton spent time in Winchester Green Harry Park with his niece Katherine Parton and her husband.
However, Newton presided over the Royal Society until the end of his life
He also continued his work in the Royal Mint

On March 31, 1727, Newton closed his eyes to sleep and never opened them again

 Newton apple

He died in his sleep
He was 84 years old at the time of his death
Newton is buried in the famous Westminster Abbey Church in England

Chalk Chaung and Stephen are also buried in this church
The tree from which Newton discovered gravity does not exist today
In 1820 the tree fell in a storm and was replaced by a new plant
In 2002, the current Queen Elizabeth II declared the remaining 50 trees, including the apple tree, a national heritage site and ordered their protection.

Even today they come to see black

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